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High definition, ultra-accurate polystyrene and polyurethane foam models at any size you can imagine

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Bakers Patterns specialise in high quality, cost effective, polystyrene and polyurethane model production services. From project consultancy, through scanning and 3D modelling to completed production and finishing.With over 30 year’s experience we’ve worked on films, cars, planes, furniture, art commissions, architecture and more, from prototyping to development, now we’re keen to see where your imagination can take us next.

 We are the original – the first of our kind!

Bakers Patterns was the first UK based company to actively develop and promote the use of CNC Technology to accurately create sculptures, models and patterns from polystyrene and polyurethane materials.

We have one goal, and that’s to thrill our customers with our creative led CNC modelling.

Polystyrene Prototyping

Film & TV Model Making

Polystyrene Models for Art & Design

Automotive Polyurethane Prototyping

Furniture Prototyping

From start to finish - it’s the complete solution

 CNC polystyrene Project Consulting

Taking a beautiful thought or sketch and turning it into something built is not always as complicated as it may seem

Polystyrene 3D Scanning

The high costs of 3D scanning can stop a project before its even begun and we wanted to change this!

CNC Polystyrene

We’ve worked on everything from racing cars to sculptures to furniture & mascots

CNC Polystyrene Project Finishing

From hand painted to resin coated. We now offer an end to end solution to speed up and simplify the process

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