Art meets technology

High definition, ultra-accurate polystyrene and polyurethane foam models at any size you can imagine.


Bakers Patterns specialise in high quality, cost effective, polystyrene and polyurethane model production services. From project consultancy, through scanning and 3D modelling to completed production and finishing.

With over 30 year’s experience we’ve worked on films, cars, planes, furniture, art commissions, architecture and more, from prototyping to development, now we’re keen to see where your imagination can take us next.


We are the original – the de facto – the first of our kind!

Bakers Patterns was the first UK based company to actively develop and promote the use of CNC Technology to accurately create sculptures, models and patterns from

polystyrene and polyurethane materials.

our story


Film, TV and Events

Art and Design

There is no doubt that prototyping is an invaluable tool in the development stage of products and projects. 

We believe it offers 4 key benefits to you.

1- Flexibility to create solid objects for early evaluation

2- This then leads into design improvements and fine tuning, which we find ends up with

3- Increased finished product quality and finally

4- It delivers certainty for the development process

Film, TV & Events have delivered some incredible moments, made possible by large scale models, jaw dropping details and impactful stunt scenes

From large scale replicas of Robbie Williams' head which were hung above the stages during his tour, to Disney & Marvel film props, TV furniture (think the Champions League desk from ITVs coverage), to scale models for advertising and promotions

We can work with you to deliver exceptional quality replicas and props, delivering one to one service and fantastic value for money

Creativity is at the heart of everything we do. Our MD has a passion for Art & Design and this helps drive our design foresight

From University project work, through to full scale exhibition pieces at leading museums across the globe, we absolutely love working with you on the development process, taking your vision and delivering it in a scale or production method you may not have imagined.

We work with a host of young up and coming artists to world renowned leaders in their field, always embracing the design process and delivering exceptional representations of the work.


Film, TV and Events

Art and Design

From start to finish - it’s the complete solution


Taking a beautiful thought or sketch and turning it into something built is not always as complicated as it may seem


The high costs of 3D scanning can stop a project before its even begun and we wanted to change this!

Model Making

We’ve worked on everything from racing cars to sculptures to furniture & mascots


From hand painted to resin coated. We now offer an end to end solution to speed up and simplify the process

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