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Creativity is at the heart of everything we do.

We work very closely with some incredibly talented artists and designers from across many sectors and age ranges and we are always open to the design element.

We work with this design brilliance and look to see how we can increase the impact and wow factor by scaling up to incredible sizes to really stun the end audience

Claudia Fontes: The Horse Problem.

A group of cnc sculptures consisting of a horse, a ponytailed girl touching the horse's muzzle and squatted boy; all cnc machined in 35KG/m3 polyurethane foam. The horse problem is one of our most recognisable 3D CNC projects.

Displayed at the Argentinian Pavilion at the 57th Venice Art Biennale.

©Claudia Fontes: The Horse Problem (2017). Images courtesy of the Artist.

Paul Gong: The Cow of Tomorrow, Today.

Three hearts resembling the cardiovascular system of a cow of the future; machined out of 100KG/m3 Polyurethane foam, hard coated with a polyester primer and painted in red.

©Paul Gong: The Cow of Tomorrow, Today (2017) Images by Lydia Chang

Matthew Darbyshire: Palac.

Two human form Polystyrene sculptures cut using our Polystyrene Router on plinths produced for everything everywhere at Frieze Art Fair 2010; cnc machined out of polystyrene.

©Matthew Darbyshire Palac (2009). Images courtesy of the Artist.

Matthew Darbyshire: Palac

Marguerite Humeau: Echoes.

Large Polystyrene Sculpture interpretations of animals. Each animal generated a sound which accompanied the display of the incredible creatures. Produced to be displayed in TATE Britain; cnc machined out of HD Polystyrene and hard coated.

©Marguerite Humeau: Echoes. Images courtesy of Spassky Fischer

Lauren Goldie: 223 (0xE0)

Lauren provided us with a small foam maquette that was to be enlarged. We 3D Scanned the maquette and modified it in our CAD software. We then programmed our 5 axis foam CNC machine to cut the foam sculpture from our 3D Scan file. The piece was then coated in house using GRP (Fibreglass) and then painted white for a permanent finish.

©Lauren Goldie(2018) Image courtesy of the Artist 

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