Bakers Patterns Delivers Stunning Reconstruction Of Boccioni’s Lost Sculpture

Boccioni - Spiral Expansion of Muscles in Movement 1913

Boccioni was a painter, turned sculptor. It is believed he was on a journey to turn his 2D visions into 3D forms. He tragically died aged 34 in a horse riding accident and shortly afterwards most of his work was damaged, destroyed or lost altogether.

Matt Smith found inspiration from his paintings and ended up taking a pilgrimage to Italy to understand more about his work. This fired his desire to try to replicate Boccioni's Spiral Expansion of Muscles in Movement 1913 plaster sculpture (destroyed 1917).

Matt's initial desire was to reproduce this via a 3D printer, but after months of trying nothing suitable was found. He then turned to Bakers Patterns to help make his dream/vision a reality.

L&F Show

Timings were tight, but Baker Patterns managed to turn the piece around in 10 days, with an exceptional attention to detail, which a 3D printer simply couldn't have achieved at this scale and finish. It was a perfect mix of technology and craftsmanship.

Of working with Bakers patterns Matt says 'From the first moment I spoke with John I knew this project was in good hands. His passion for the arts, knowledge of the production techniques needed and desire to help me make this project a reality was inspiring'

Matt continues 'When I saw the finished piece, the detail and hand finished look gave it a genuine look of the plaster original 100 years ago, something which would have been almost impossible to create any other way'

Speaking on the project John Baker says 'Working on this project was a labour of love. The attention to detail and passion Matt had for this project really put the pressure on, but with the help of our CNC milling machine and our talented hand finishers, we delivered a piece both ourselves and Matt can rightly be proud of'

The finished piece stands at 1.2m tall and has appeared in galleries, universities and more, where Matt passionately talks of his journey to this point.

Matt is currently touring the sculpture for drawing groups and talks, to learn more visit.

You can also view the whole process below. ENJOY, we certainly did!