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Bakers Patterns | 29th October 2020

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Here at Bakers Patterns, we believe in your ideas, and we have designed CNC services that can help you bring the concepts you have in mind to life - during your education and beyond. We are committed to providing reduced rates and versatile services that give your creativity space to develop and expand, without the price tag that is often prohibitive for students.

Whether you are facing the challenges of your final year’s projects or you are placing the first steps in the design industry, we have you covered.

CNC Polystyrene Models: Services for Education, Training, and Beyond

At Bakers Patterns, we work hard to provide CNC Polystyrene Models services that are versatile, affordable and created to fit your specific needs. We believe that creativity and design should not obey the constraints that budget and practicalities might impose. That is why we consult students, gather feedback, and strive to understand what work and what doesn’t. This process gives us exclusive insights on how to adapt our services to make them more suitable for all of your life - and career - stages.

CNC Enables Product Designers to Bring Their Concepts to Life

Many students face a significant obstacle during their final year: they are not always able to acquire the materials and tools needed to give more space to their creativity and experience new techniques. Here at Bakers Patterns, we believe in training the next generation of product designers in the best way possible, enabling them to experiment with polystyrene models and 3D modelling.

  • We do so by leveraging the unique benefits of CNC Polystyrene Models, some of which you can find below.
    CNC is versatile and easy to scale
  • CNC polystyrene allows you to benefit from a fast turnaround and try different techniques
  • Polystyrene model making is cost-effective and allows you to create lightweight models
  • This material is also recyclable - something that can be extremely beneficial if you are working on a budget

Working with CNC is also an excellent way to get valuable insights into the communication process, design considerations, and material requirements needed to bring a concept into reality.

CNC Services That Evolve with You

Working with CNC, experimenting with new techniques, and trying different models without having to worry about unachievable expenses can be huge advantages for students. Aside from deepening your product design knowledge and skills, this type of practice is essential to prepare you for entering the industry.

Many of the students we provide CNC services met us during their final year of university and continue to leverage our offers before graduation. Most of them have moved onto some of the largest design and manufacturing companies - especially those who are internationally recognised in the Automotive industry, such as Jaguar and Landrover.

What to Take Away

When leveraging our services, you can expect the hands-on support that comes from years of experience in the product design industry. We know that you are already fantasising about the next project you wish to bring to life.

Get in touch with Bakers Patterns today on +44(00 1952 216165 or by emailing us on to explore more of the services that will enable you to do just so and start to build a bright future in the product design industry.

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