How to Make your Exhibition Stand Beat the Competition in 2021

Bakers Patterns | 1st September 2020

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Are you searching for ways to sell your products and services and gain insight into your customers’ minds? Then an exhibition stand is an ideal way to market your items to potential shoppers.

However, it isn’t a miracle cure. Turning up to a trade show and expecting to generate leads and convert them into sales isn’t realistic. 80% of exhibitors lose leads after the event, which highlights how hard it is to make your booth stand out from the crowd.

The key is to mix design with marketing for the perfect combination. Here are four ways to do it and beat the competition.

Promote Online Before the Show

The hard work begins before the event starts. By raising awareness of your brand, you will encourage attendees to look out for your stall when they arrive. With the help of social media, it’s one of the easiest things in the world to do as long as you’re proactive. For example, you can use official event hashtags to pop-up on peoples’ feeds. Always, you should watch out for threads and comment sections that you can jump on to ensure you’re part of the conversation. Don’t forget to write blog posts and add mentions of your exhibition stand to your online newsletter, too.

Design A Unique, Upbeat Stand

Think of an exhibition like real estate. When you invest in a house, you require a great location and excellent kerb appeal, and the same applies to your trade show booth. To secure the best spot, you need to speak to organisers about the formation. For instance, it may be first come first served, which means you’ll have to turn up early.

From a kerb appeal perspective, it’s essential to appear original and modern as these features reflect your brand. 3D signage is always a brilliant option as the drop shadow effect grabs people’s attention and makes the stall easy to see. 3D logo signage and 3D signs for businesses work as well due to the design flexibility and quality finishes.

Be Welcoming

Among the clamour to stand out, it’s easy to make your stand seem tacky, or cold and bare. The good news is that there are tonnes of materials you can use for signs that are more relaxing, such as wood and thermoplastics. Of course, it’s not only about design but also about what you offer. Comfy chairs make people more likely to sit down and speak to your staff, while free tea and coffee is an excellent reason to listen to your marketing pitch. On that note, remember that aggressive plays are turn-offs and will encourage them to bounce.

Offer Freebies

Nothing attracts attention more than gifts. People love freebies as they are cheap and useful, so you should make them practical. You also must take advantage and tag them with your company name, logo, or contact details (or all three!). A pen is a prime example. When your visitors use it in the future, subconsciously or consciously, they’ll see your name and recall the brand.

What to Take Away

3D signage is a big part of attracting exhibition visitors to your stand and is used in a wide range of industry sectors including the retail sector. At Bakers Patterns, our 3D bespoke signage service will help ensure that you stand out from the crowd as well as leaving a lasting impression on those visiting the exhibition.

How do you plan on standing out from the competition during your next exhibition event? Get in touch today and speak to a member of the Bakers Patterns team today on 01952 216165 or send us an email on and find out how we can help you stand out from your competitors with a bespoke 3D signage solution.

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