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Bakers Patterns have been chosen to partner with Clerkenwell Design Week on iconic signage for this year’s event

Following on from the success of previous years signage, CDW is once again looking to help navigate people around the area with iconic signage solutions

Bakers Patterns Delivers Stunning Reconstruction of Boccioni's Lost Sculpture

Boccioni - Spiral Expansion of Muscles in Movement 1913

Boccioni was a painter, turned sculptor. It is believed he was on a journey to turn his 2D visions into 3D forms. He tragically died aged 34 in a horse riding accident and shortly afterwards most of his work was damaged, destroyed or lost altogether.

Polystyrene Model Making Process

Here we explain the foam model making process - from a block of raw polystyrene or polyurethane foam to your exact replica milled using our large scale 5-axis CNC milling machines.

What is prototype modelling

A prototype is an early sample of a product built to test the concept. Rather than going into full scale production, prototypes can be made to exact size or scale variants, to ensure consistency of shape etc and provide visual representation of the finished product, without the cost and manufacturing inefficiencies of placing the product onto a working line etc.

New 650 sq ft extension for Bakers Patterns

Bakers Patterns are one of the UKs leading model makers specialising in cost effective polystyrene and polyurethane replicas, prototypes or moulds. Having been in business now for over 30 years, the firm has expanded its production facility to cope with growing demand for its creations.

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