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There is no doubt that prototyping is an invaluable tool in the development stage of products and projects. 

We believe it offers 4 key benefits to you.

1 - Flexibility to create solid objects for early evaluation,

2 - This then leads into design improvements and fine tuning, which we find ends up with

3 - Increased finished product quality and finally

4 - it delivers certainty for the development process.

All of which enable you to showcase the product or project at a developed stage, thus reducing risk in the production process

Prototyping in the far east may seem like a logical step due to costs, but given the lack of control and extended leadtimes, not to mention the evaluation and sign-off leadtimes, manufacturing rapid prototypes in the UK is no doubt a very cost effective and time saving way of managing your NPD process.

Lapdog - The "Craft Anywhere" Tray.

Client required a prototype of their design, vital to ensuring the design functions correctly, before starting mass production; machined out of 100KG Polyurethane foam and painted with grey paint to seal the surface.

©Image by Bakers Patterns Ltd

JCB - Vehicle Floor Pan

JCB required a very large scale precise floor pan of a development vehicle to help visualize and ensure correct fitment; cnc machined out of 35KG polyurethane foam and painted grey to seal the surface and closely resemble the planned production color.

©Image by Bakers Patterns Ltd

Victoria + Albert - Bath Prototype.

Client required full-size bath prototype to help visualize new range of products; cnc machined out of polystyrene.

©Image by Bakers Patterns Ltd

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