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    From full scale polystyrene or polyurethane models for films to complex prototyping for components.

    Automotive is an area we not only have expertise in but a real passion for, with our large format 5 axis CNC machine we can produce full-size prototypes to save you time and money in the development process.

    Need multiple cars for film sets? We can produce full-scale picture perfect models, to help you out.

    Polyurethane Foam Model

    Coventry University - Final Year Projects.

    Students for many years have brought their end of year projects to us to machine their designs these are then inlaid with 3d printed parts acquired externally to add finishing touches like headlights, grills and wheels; cnc machined in either 100 or 35KG Polyurethane Foam.

    ©Image by Bakers Patterns Ltd

    Perrinn Designs - Project 424.

    Perrinn Designs contacted us to build a full-size prototype buck enabling Perrinn to help visualise their concept to investors and motor enthusiasts; cnc machined out of 35KG Polyurethane.

    ©Image by Bakers Patterns Ltd

    Polyurethane Automotive