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    Whether it be prototypes for production, cores for samples or set furniture, we've worked on a wide array of options, including work the renowned Zaha Hadid, Established & Sons and many more.

    We can offer CNC profiles polystyrene to work as cores of these can be resin coated to give a finished piece.

    Producing in scale and complexity are two of our main strengths, so however intricate or large scale your piece, we can help out.

    Night Club Furniture. Zaha Hadid Architects

    Numerous furniture cores CNC milled for this exclusive architectural furniture. All GRP work by AM Structures.

    ©Zaha Hadid. Image courtesy of AM Structures.

    Polystyrene Nightclub Furniture
    Cnc Polstyrene Models

    Established and Sons

    Bakers Patterns have been producing CNC polystyrene models for Established and Sons since their launch starting with the iconic Zaha Hadid designed 'Aqua Table' and many more pieces.

    ©Image courtesy of Established and Sons

    Belu by Zaha Hadid Architects

    Zaha Hadid requested our 3D foam cutting service. Starting with a 3D Model we used our 5-Axis CNC machine designed for carving polystyrene foam. This was then finished with an epoxy resin coat.

    Definitely one of our most eye-catching large styrofoam shapes

    ©Image by Bakers Patterns Ltd

    5 Axis Cnc Furniture