Polystyrene Exhibition Displays

Can we CNC polystyrene exhibition displays for you?

Working with polystyrene gives us incredible flexibility when it comes to making exhibition displays.

We've worked on everything from polystyrene racing cars to polystyrene aeroplanes, polystyrene furniture to polystyrene sculptures, mascots for promotions to TV and polystyrene film props.

The polystyrene models can be used as is, painted for display items or coated with resin and fibreglass to be used as moulding bucks or prototypes.

Polystyrene parts can also be used to create high quality castings using total loss patterns is the most effective way to create large scale tooling.

Finished pieces can also be used for casting bronze or other metals into sculptures or other types of art.

If you would like us to CNC polystyrene exhibition displays for you please email us at info@bakerspatterns.co.uk or call us on +44(0)1952 216 165