CNC Polystyrene and Model Board Patterns

Bakers Patterns has over 35 Years speciality in the manufacture of polystyrene and model board patterns.

From handcrafting patterns from drawings to the integration of CNC technology, we are the first company in Britain to produce CNC polystyrene patterns for the press tool industry.

Using our experience, ability and our unrivalled dedication to quality we can produce any size, any form polystyrene and model board patterns for any industry.

We have provided Polystyrene patterns for Ford Motor Company, Honda UK, Ogihara Europe, Whistons Industries, Alward Tool, Belcot Tool and Die, GKN, Marril Group and Coupe Foundry and many more.

We can create patterns a number of different ways depending on what information you have. We can create CNC polystyrene patterns from a 3D file, this is the most common method.

We can also create polystyrene patterns from technical drawings and we can also create patterns by reverse engineering parts you don't have drawings or a 3d file for.

Once we have the 3D file, either from 3D modelling, reverse engineering or 3D scanning the part we then separate the model into different sections which will enable us to machine in all the more intricate parts of your pattern.

Once milled we then use a specialist adhesive and tape all the joints to ensure a seamless casting. We then apply all foundry numbers and ensure a warm brew is ready for you to sign off your pattern!

It's not just in our name, it's in our blood.

If you would like us to CNC polystyrene for you please email us at or call us on +44(0)1952 216 165