Polystyrene is the perfect material to make large or small projection advertising models.

We can create models to your exact specifications making polystyrene the perfect medium for projection advertising.

Once the design is finalized and machined the part can then be painted in any colour or left plain, whatever suits your projectionist.

The benefits of polystyrene, being fast to CNC machine and easy to move around due to its lightweight, will enable you to move the model in and out of locations with ease, making projection advertising models perfect for exhibitions and office displays.

Take a look here to see an example of a previous projection advertising model we completed:


As you can see the results are a combination of moving and still visualizations that are really magnificent.

If you would like us to CNC polystyrene your projection advertising model for you please email us at info@bakerspatterns.co.uk or call us on +44(0)1952 216 165