What Is Prototype Modelling

A prototype is an early sample of a product built to test the concept.

Rather than going into full scale production, prototypes can be made to exact size or scale variants, to ensure consistency of shape etc and provide visual representation of the finished product, without the cost and manufacturing inefficiencies of placing the product onto a working line etc.

We work with you and manage the design, creation, testing and modification of prototypes. Our engineers use their experiences to tailor the prototype to your specific needs to ensure we highlight any areas of uncertainty inherent in the project.

Polyurethane Prototyping

For example some of this may be based on producing a prototype for a client who is unsure on the full piece, it could be ensuring scale and fit on a sink, piece of a car and in essence verify the performance or suitability of a specific design element

Generally we find we end up with a series of prototypes, designed, constructed and tested as we near full production. In many cases these iterations are used to progressively fine tune the project.

We can work with your product design team, or we can work on a project basis where we manage the process to achieve pre determined results, allowing you the piece of mind that the process has been followed and your finished product/project will be fit for purpose. For companies engaged in rapid prototyping, models are crucial to troubleshoot problems in the design process.

Our team have excellent interpersonal and communication skills and will provide our clients with confidence that the advice and guidance you receive fully supports your production plans.

Our team have a range of skills covering 3D CAD systems, CAM systems, prototype model making by hand tools and machines, and spray painting and finishing.