4 Tips to Boost Footfall in Your Retail Premises

Bakers Patterns | 5th November 2020


Retail Premises

There’s no doubt that the heat is on in the retail industry right now. Increased competition from eCommerce, rising retail rents and business rates plus the deep impact of various local quarantines cannot be overestimated. However, there is still money to be made in bricks-and-mortar retail – provided you do it right.

The key to it all is footfall. The more footfall you can generate and the higher your average sales, the more likely you are to be able to consistently make a profit. Growth in footfall IS growth in your business, so it’s vital to have a focus on it at all times. So, what can you do to increase this key metric?

Create Excellence in Customer Service

One factor which can really separate your business from the online shopping experience is simple – the human touch. It’s something that can’t be replicated on the internet – and poor service is the number one reason most shoppers take their business elsewhere. Experiencing truly great customer service makes a huge difference in customer perception, return visits and word-of-mouth recommendation. It can really be transformative. So invest in training your staff properly, make sure they are looked after well and incentivized to go above and beyond for the customer and set up some form of customer feedback system to learn how you’re really doing.

Entice with Your Retail Shop Front

The exterior of your shop is the main route you have to entice in passing trade and persuade them to discover what you have to offer – so make it a good one. In the retail industry, signage and window displays are crucial in giving a flavour of what is to come.

3D signage can be an extremely effective method of stopping passers-by in their tracks, so working with a company that provides 3d signs for businesses can revolutionise your shop front appeal. And if you’re looking to expand your brand, what could be more impactful than 3d logo signage to announce who you are? And you should also make sure that you change your window displays regularly with some original ideas.

Develop A Customer Loyalty Scheme

Of course, the best type of business is repeat business, and if you have lots of customers returning and the shop looks busier, it also helps to draw new people in as well. Aim to create customer loyalty and give them a reason to make a return visit.

You can set up a rewards system, or perhaps some form of discount for repeated business or introducing a friend. This can really make you stand out and win customers from competitor businesses, as customers love the idea of being rewarded for items or services that they think they will buy anyway – and often end up spending more and frequently because of it.

Local SEO

Businesses with a physical premise can also drive traffic from the online world – as location-based search engine queries make up a huge proportion of search volume, and are only increasing. Using tools like Google My Business accurately ensures that your shop will appear at the top of search results for people looking for goods or services near them, and allows you to put across key information like opening times.

What to Take Away

3D signage is a huge part of attracting potential consumers into your retail premises. At Bakers Patterns, our bespoke 3D signage service will help ensure that you stand out from the crowd.

Interested in finding out more about 3D signage? Contact Bakers Patterns today on 01952 216165 or send us an email on info@bakerspatterns.co.uk and find out how we can help you stand out from your competitors with a bespoke 3D signage solution.

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