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    Not many industries require such impactful installations.

    From on-set modelling of polystyrene or polyurethane cars, sets, furniture, monsters, places or people, through to mind-blowing launch events, we work on large scale projects to ensure maximum impact.

    Film, TV & Events have delivered some incredible moments, made possible by large scale models, jaw dropping details and impactful stunt scenes.

    From large scale replicas of Robbie Williams' head which were hung above the stages during his tour, to Disney & Marvel film props, TV furniture (think the Champions League desk from ITVs coverage), to scale models for advertising and promotions We can work with you to deliver exceptional quality replicas and props, delivering one to one service and fantastic value for money

    Robbie Williams - Heads.

    We were approached via our online milling service to machine several different busts of Robbie Williams, each with a different face pose for his UK tour; each head was cnc machined out of 35KG Polyurethane foam. We also milled Polystyrene heads for various other uses on the UK Tour.

    ©Image by Bakers Patterns Ltd

    Polystyrene Heads
    Cnc Sculpture

    League of Legends - Baron Von Nashor.

    Our client required a very large CNC sculpture replica of a famous video game character, with a very tight deadline, to be displayed at a games convention in Germany. This is one of the larger polystyrene props we have produced as an Exhibition props. The piece required CNC machining in multiple sections to enable high levels of detail but also for ease of shipping; CNC machined in 35KG Polyurethane foam.

    ©Copyright of Leagueoflegends - Image courtesy of

    Marvel - Hulk Head.

    The client required a large Hulk Head with fine detail to take a silicone mould off, this mould would be then used to produce more heads that were used for various events; cnc machined out of 35KG foam and painted to seal the surface.

    ©Image by Bakers Patterns Ltd

    Cnc Model
    Polyurethane Foam Desks

    UEFA Champions League - Presenters Desk

    The client required our foam cnc service to create a bespoke desk making for the tv coverage of the UEFA Champions League, this was to be coated and fitted with electric display components externally; cnc machined out of 35KG Polyurethane foam.

    ©Image by Bakers Patterns Ltd